We don’t just sell office furniture,

We Deliver Solutions

A Richmond based firm with regional capabilities

Our team is filled with professionals who have the experience and proven performance to create your dream office space.


Modular areas with the ability to reconfigure rapidly.


Shared workstations with no assigned seating.

Open Workspace

Workstations with lower panels that allow visibility and open communication.


Private areas consisting of taller panels or offices.

We provide custom solutions to fit everyone’s individual work flow and needs. We have a team of experienced industry professionals dedicated to creating the ideal workspace for your employees.




Your needs are handled as a unique case. We work with business executives of all levels and discuss their specific challenges and objectives to develop an optimal work environment. Our team has the experience and knowledge to deliver solutions.


Discover your needs. Observe, question, and understand concerns and pain points.


Develop the solution. This is a collaborative process between you and our designers to create a professional and functional design.


We deliver and install on time. Our project manager will handle all deadlines and check orders for accuracy.


Real Solutions

Our core competency is providing smart commercial furniture solutions for a wide range of local and national companies. We worked with a local Richmond company who renovated three buildings and designed a dynamic atmosphere that aligned with their younger employees. Learn more about our process with Smarter Interiors.

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