Project Digital

This client is a leading digital marketing firm.  Their objective was to create a modern environment for a larger company rebrand and office renovation. They needed room for collaboration, while also giving each employee ample desk space and privacy. For the 1,800 square foot office space design, we had to provide timeless, modern pieces without disturbing current work flow of their employees.

The company had a vision of their perfect work space. Our designers offered solutions that helped make their vision a reality within 90 days. The process included consultation, detailed measuring of their space, providing of physical samples, and various design layouts. After the client approved the designs, they toured the Open Plan Systems showroom to see examples of their preferred workstations.

They selected Smarter Interiors because of our close relationships and in-depth product knowledge with manufacturers like Open Plan Systems. Ultimately, Open Plan Systems met the client’s needs of quality design and materials with the ability to create an open layout with a timeless look. Eight weeks later, their workstations were professionally installed with constant quality control ensuring they were delighted with the results.

“The end result was better than I could have imagined.” – Project Digital

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