Project Marketing

A large marketing company wanted to create an atmosphere that was in tune with the 70{f725298f996cc146df9257b40a4aa42486120c17192d0134e4bb0d78f790dbb3} of employees that are under the age of 35. Therefore, panels were kept low, using glass to give some visual separation while allowing natural light to illuminate the building as much as possible. The client liked an eclectic yet cohesive look; therefore, every phase had slightly different finishes. Every private office had a different look, and in most cases, had contrasting finishes to showcase the furniture.

Allsteel’s Involve Collection was the right choice with its built‐in seating in with a bright orange and green color flanked by an Allsteel Merge table. This area became a new popular gathering spot for the client’s employees. The ability to laterally incorporate the many Allsteel products to produce one fluid look is what makes this job special and one of our favorite installations. Few manufacturers give the client the ability to incorporate so many looks on such a conservative budget.

This was a complex, rolling installation involving new buildings and the renovations of two existing structures. It was done in nine phases to create a campus-type atmosphere that took about 18 months to complete. The client employs over 400 people, so the install had to be as non‐evasive as possible.

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